Slab Inspection Perth

At SURE Building & Pest we perform our Slab Inspection in 3 phases. The first is a Pre Pour Inspection, the second is a Slab Pour Witness and lastly a Post Slab Inspection.

Slab Witness / Inspection

Our Slab Witness / Inspection is for the observation of concrete pour, including any testing conducted by the contractors during this process (slump test). Before the pour we also check that plumbing has been installed underground, verify reinforcement steel installation and take measurements of the marked-up area. AS2870-2011 and the BCA is used for inspection reference.

Phase 1: Pre Pour Inspection

A Pre Pour Inspection, also known as a Foundation Inspection or Footing Inspection, is the first phase and is performed prior to the concrete slab being poured. It involves verifying the condition of the footings and ensuring the area adheres to the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

Our Pre Slab Pour Inspection will include the inspection of (but not limited to) the following:
  • Trenches, stormwater and sewer drains
  • Steel reinforcement and concrete cover
  • Pipe penetrations
  • Termite & vapour barriers
  • Check the formwork

Phase 2: Slab Pour Witness

A Slab Pour Witness, is where one of our Building Inspectors will be onsite whilst the concrete is being poured into the footing. It is a phase in the Slab Inspection process which ensures the concrete is being poured correctly and allows you to spot and fix issues as they occur, rather than trying to fix them once the concrete slab has set.

Witnessing your slab pour will ensure the following:
  • The concrete is poured efficiently
  • Initial levelling
  • Surface is smoothed
  • No large aggregate near surface
  • Edges are rounded
  • Non slip surface ridges
  • Dampened to cure slowly

Phase 3: Post Slab Inspection

The final phase of a Slab Inspection is completed once the concrete slab has been poured and set. A Post Slab Inspection will verify whether or not the concrete slab is in accordance with the Building Code of Practice and reflects your new home’s floor plan.

Our Post Slab Inspection will ensure the following:
  • The concrete slab is level
  • It is in accordance to your floor plan
  • No surface cracks
  • The concrete slab is even and has been compacted correctly
  • There is nothing protruding
  • Service pipes are in the correct location

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Why a Perth Slab Inspection is important

Getting your concrete slab correct is one one of the most important components of a new home build. Which is why we offer a 3 phase concrete Slab Inspection being, Pre Slab Inspection, Slab Witness and Post Slab Inspection.

Ensuring the concrete slab doesn’t have any issues and meets Australian Standards before you start building your new home can prevent structural issues like cracking walls and caving ceilings appearing once your house is built.

Perth Slab Inspection Pricing

At SURE Building & Pest Perth our pricing for Slab Inspections depends on the requirement. All prices are inclusive of GST.

$ 550
per site visit

Perth Slab Inspection FAQs

Getting a pre pour slab inspection is recommended because once the concrete has been poured there is no way of finding or correcting any defects in the foundation or footing.

A pre slab pour inspection is conducted prior to the concrete being poured and checks that the foundation and footing is approved before commencing the next phase. It includes the inspection of the trenches, sewer drains, steel reinforcements, concrete cover, termite and vapour barriers, and many more components.

The slab foundation needs to be inspected before the concrete is poured as the building inspector needs to be able to clearly see the steel, trenches, sewer drains and everything else that the concrete slab forms on.

There are three phases to a Slab Inspection, the first is a Pre Slab Pour Inspection, the second is a Slab Pour Witness and lastly a Post Slab Inspection.

Depending on the type of Slab Inspection you require and the size of the concrete slab itself will determine how long the inspection will take.

You should get a Slab Inspection both prior to the concrete being poured and after. We also offer an option to have a Slab Pour Witness to ensure the concrete is poured in accordance to the Building Code of Australia.

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