Termite Inspection Sydney

Spot termites and other timber pests in your Sydney property.

What's involved in a Timber Pest Inspection in Sydney

Our experienced building and pest inspectors will inspect your entire Sydney property, including the surroundings, for any signs of termite activity. We use state-of-the-art equipment designed to identify termites and other timber pests without leaving marks or holes in the Sydney property.

Your pest inspector will start by inspecting the yard of your property, looking at wooden fences, trees and logs. They will then move inside where they inspect roof voids and subfloor timber under your house (if accessible) for evidence of a current termite infestation or existing termite damage on your Sydney property.

Other key areas inspected as part of your Sydney Termite and Pest Inspection include:
  • Architraves
  • Door and window frames
  • Skirting boards
  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Moisture testing
  • Roof frame
  • Floors

Why are Termite Inspections on Sydney properties important?

Termites can cause serious damage to your Sydney property if they aren’t detected and controlled in a timely manner. Termites and other timber pests are most common in the North-East and all the way down to the South-West of New South Wales, making Sydney a hot spot.

CSIRO reported that 1 in 3 Australian homes will be affected by timber pest activity, including termites and white ants, at some point which is why it is important to conduct a Termite Inspection prior to purchasing a property. Refer to AS4349.3-2010 for more details.

If you are purchasing a property in Sydney, we recommend our Combined Inspection which includes our Termite Pest Inspection with a Structural Inspection. This will provide you with all the information you need to confidently purchase.

Sydney Termite Inspection Cost

At SURE Building & Pest our pricing for Termite Inspections in Sydney depends on the requirement. All prices are inclusive of GST.

$ 200
1 - 2 Bedrooms
$ 225
3 - 4 Bedrooms
$ 250
5 - 6 Bedrooms
Free quote
7+ Bedrooms

Detailed Termite Pest Inspection report

We are proud to be a completely digitised business, as it gives us the means to send you a thorough inspection report on the same day the Termite Pest Inspection is completed.

Once you have been sent your report, one of our experienced Sydney building inspectors will call you to go through it in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

We provide ongoing support up to 12 months after the Termite Pest Inspection is complete on your Sydney property.

Frequently asked questions about Termite Inspections in Sydney

When you book in for your Termite Inspection in Sydney you can rest assured that we will look for any evidence of current or previous termite activity both in the house and the surrounding property. This includes the inspection of architraves, cabinetry, door and window frames, moisture testing, skirting boards, roof frame, walls, and floors. Refer to AS4349.3-2010 for more details.

There is no need for you to arrange a time for your pre purchase Termite Inspection in Sydney. Once you are booked in, we will contact the selling agent on your behalf and book this in.

Once one of our Sydney building and pest inspectors has completed the Termite Inspection on your property, you should expect to receive the detailed report on the same day.

Yes, we explain our Sydney Timber Inspection reports in detail. Once the inspection has been conducted, your report will be sent to you and followed up with a phone call to discuss the findings in detail.

If you want to avoid any potential financial headaches caused by termite damage, then conducting a Timber Pest Inspection is a necessary step to take before purchasing a Sydney property.

During a Timber Pest Inspection conducted on a Sydney property, the building inspector will analyse each area that may be of concern and complete a final report which outlines any findings or anything else impacting the Perth property’s condition in relation to termites and other timber pests.

There is no need for you to attend the Pest Inspection on your Sydney property. As long as we have access and permission to enter the property, your building inspector can complete this without anyone being present.

A pre purchase Pest Inspection is conducted by a local pest inspector prior to the purchase or sale of a Sydney property.

Some termite prevention methods that you can use for your Sydney home include, but are not limited to:

  • Regularly clean your gutters
  • Remove any dead trees surrounding the property
  • Prevent moisture build up by fixing leaking taps and water lines
  • Ensure all mulch, debris and firewood is stored away from the house
  • Don’t leave timber or cardboard on the ground

If you suspect your Sydney property has termites we recommend you contact one of our local building and pest inspectors as soon as possible and to avoid further damage:

  • Do not touch the termites
  • Do not disrupt the area or termites themselves
  • Do not let light into the infested area
  • Do not try to remove or spray the termites
  • Contact a professional termite treatment company in Sydney

Some common signs that you have termites in Sydney and surrounding areas in New South Wales include:

  • Mud tubes
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Frass - termite droppings
  • Power continues to short circuit
  • Damaged floor or ceiling
  • Cracked paint or plaster
  • Experienced, professional and local building inspectors
  • Same day termite inspection reports
  • Conduct all pest inspections to Australian Standards
  • Detailed and thorough reporting
  • Plus more

You can attend a Termite Inspection conducted on your Sydney property, as long as you have the selling agent’s permission.

Due to how common termite colonies are in Sydney and great NSW, we recommend having regular Termite Inspections - at least once a year - particularly if you have observed termite activity near your property.

Our Termite Inspections conducted on Sydney properties usually take 1 hour. This time is dependent on the size of the house and how accessible areas that need to be inspected are.

Termites are attracted to warm, damp areas as well as large food sources such as untreated wood, wood products, cardboard and paper. Having things like wood, plants or garden beds touching or near your Sydney house makes it easier for termites to get in from the ground.

A cut above the rest

Purchasing or building a property in Sydney is a significant investment. At SURE Building & Pest, we are qualified professionals, who conduct detailed and thorough inspections, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We guarantee that you will be glad you chose SURE Building & Pest to conduct your structural or pest inspection on your Sydney property.