Structural Building Inspection Perth

Unstable structures can cost thousands to repair. Even though the property you are planning to purchase may appear to be in great condition, it is still important to have a professional inspection.

What's involved

A Structural Building Inspection focuses solely on the structural soundness of key elements of the building seeking to identify structural defects that might impact the integrity of the building.

One of our experienced building inspectors will attend your property and carry out an inspection, when it is complete you will receive a full report detailing their findings and recommendations.

Our Structural Inspections include, subject to reasonable access:
  • Roof frame
  • Load bearing walls
  • Subfloor structures
  • Concrete slab/footings
  • Safety hazards

Why it's important

Buying property is one of life’s big moments so it is important to do so with all the information available. That is why it is important to have a professional conduct a Structural Building Inspection before buying. Understanding the structural integrity of the property that you intend to purchase is in will allow you to move through the sales process with confidence. Armed with the knowledge that our report provides you will be able to buy with peace of mind or potentially, negotiate a lower price or pull out of the sale altogether. Refer to AS4349.1-2007 Annexure A for more details.

We also offer a Combined Inspection which includes our full Structural Inspection plus our Termite Pest Inspection. We recommend this to all those who are purchasing a property.

At SURE Building & Pest, we provide detailed reports with all of our inspections.

Our pricing

At SURE Building & Pest our pricing for Structural Building Inspections depends on the requirement. All prices are inclusive of GST.

$ 300
1 - 2 Bedrooms
$ 350
3 - 4 Bedrooms
$ 400
5 - 6 Bedrooms
Free quote
7+ Bedrooms


Yes, you can attend the structural inspection, but only with the selling agent’s permission.

No, you do not need to arrange a building and pest inspection time. Once we have the details, we need to arrange the inspection timing with the agent or seller on your behalf. Once confirmed we send the timing to you via email.

We recommend getting a structural inspection whenever you are buying a new property or planning a big renovation.

Typically, our structural inspections take 1-1.5 hours however this is dependent on the size of the property and the accessibility of all the aspects that are being inspected. Get in touch with someone from our team for a more accurate estimate of time.

Once the inspection is complete, our turnaround time for reporting is the same day - usually within 5 hours.

Yes, we call on completion of the building and inspection to discuss observations made. You can then call us to ask questions about the report any time for 12 months after the completion of the inspection.

Termite damage and structural issues can cause huge financial headaches for new home buyers. Therefore contacting a building inspector to conduct a pre-purchase building and pest inspection should be an essential part of your due diligence process.

A building and pest inspection can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of the property and the type of inspection.

During a building and pest inspection the inspector will analyse each area outlined in the inspection chosen by the buyer and complete a final report which outlines any defects, issues, or anything else impacting the property’s condition.

Our Structural Inspection focuses on the structural integrity of key elements of a property. This includes the inspection of roof frames, load bearing walls, subfloor structures, concrete slab/footing, and safety hazards. Refer to AS4349.1-2007 Annexure A for more details.

No, you do not need to attend the building and pest inspection. Your building inspector can complete this without you or the selling agent being present, as long as they have access and permission to enter the property.

A cut above the rest

Purchasing or building a property is a significant investment. At SURE Building & Pest, we are qualified professionals, who conduct detailed and thorough inspections, giving you the piece of mind you deserve. We guarantee that you will be glad you chose SURE Building & Pest to conduct your structural or pest inspection.